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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

I've only seen the premiere of this season so far, but... man, this show is so bad.

I feel like I am only watching it just so I can enjoy how bad it is. The effects are incredibly dodgy in a lot of places, although that doesn't bother me too much--it's an effects-heavy show and they have to make it on a budget somehow. But the hardest thing to swallow was everyone on the ship taking so long to figure out that their emotions were causing the storm. They were all acting ridiculously to begin with, and it's not clear if the mermaid was somehow exacerbating their negativity or what. And then you had the gigantic wave looming over them, which should have been enough to flood/capsize the ship, except in the next shot they just get some water poured on them and when we come back things are more or less fine. That whole scene probably should have been cut, it was just so poorly conceived and executed.

I'm curious to see how much of a badass Pan turns out to be. He must have some advantages that Rumple fears. And speaking of Rumple, he is pretty much the only reason I continue to watch this. Robert Carlyle is always 100% watchable.
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