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Re: What Happens After Death

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It's been ingrained into us historically and culturally that we are something more than our brains, but that's not what the evidence suggests.
Is the sum greater than its parts when it comes to consciousness, or not? You cannot say that as of now, you don't know. There is not enough evidence to make that statement. There's not even an exact definition what consciousness/awareness/sentience is. Thus consciousness can't be measured either, otherwise there wouldn't be any debate about animals or artificial intelligence. Instead we could clearly say: this thing is conscious, this thing is not.

We are biased because, clearly, something is going on with us. But if you ignored for a minute that you KNOW that you are conscious, does outside evidence tell you that you are? Can you prove that another person has a consciousness and is not just a sophisticated drone running around? That is a distinction you cannot make for certain as of now. As stated, this is more a philosophical debate as of now.
Non sequitur. The same one I noted before. The exact nature of consciousness (which I've never claimed is yet fully understood) and the notion that consciousness is not rooted in the brain are two unrelated concepts. We can easily demonstrate that consciousness is brain-based (and I've already noted in this thread multiple ways in which this has been done).
You can say that brain activity ceases, but you cannot say that brain activity is the root of consciousness.
Of course I can. Seriously, just read a teeny bit of neurological research, just a teeeeeeeny bit!
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I hope there is a Missing the Point Championship somewhere. I would hate for such talent to go wasted.

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