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Re: What Happens After Death

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-- after all, science cannot fully explain metabolism or the immune system as yet, but we don't go around suggesting that these things continue after death.
That's not entirely fair. What's been discussed is closer to what happens to generated memories (what I would consider the closest thing to a soul), not to be confused with stored memories, after the body ceases. I don't think a persons metabolism or the immune system has anything to do with souls.
I disagree, I think it is completely fair. There is no reason to think that souls are anything but made up. We could just as easily make up a magical energy created by metabolism and claim that it continues after death -- some cultures have. How would this be different? We know the metabolism uses and produces energy...why not postulate that my individual energy continues after death, leaving my corporeal form and spreading throughout the universe (or something like that). We could even twist facts to vaguely support the notion, just like people do with the notion of souls. The only difference is that culturally we are conditioned to believe that consciousness goes on, and there are numerous examples of science disproving other paradigms people were culturally conditioned to believe.

I also don't quite understand what you mean when you differentiate between "generated" and "stored" memories... all memories are generated, some are stored (at least in a sense, though our perception of a sort of memory bank is pretty inaccurate: any time a memory is accessed it is changed, so they are very mutable and impermanent).

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