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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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1) Is there dialogue missing that explains the weirdness regarding Lt. Ilia? The crew get all weird when it is announced that she is Deltan and then we get that "oath of celibacy" statement...yet it has no context.
As I understood it, she was supposed to be "irresistible" to human males, or something along those lines. But I'm not sure there's a canon explanation.

Are we to assume that there are NO Starfleet vessels ANYWHERE between Klingon space and Earth? Indeed one wonders why the Klingons didn't try to follow and attack.
It's just as easy to assume they were digitized by V'Ger, just as it did the Klingons and Epsilon IX (the latter of which does show V'ger encountered other Federation entities).

4) Why does V'ger fire torpodes on both the Klingons and the Enterprise, but seems to simply "eat" or dissolve Epsilon IX?
They're not torpedoes, but rather its method of storing. It also fires them at Epsilon IX -- you can see it approaching behind the station just before it is consumed.

5) Given all of the rereleases of older material with new edits, do we know what is considered "canon" about these movies? For instance...was V'ger's cloud REALLY 82 AUs or was it a mere 3 (which is still enormous...Earth should have been engulfed in the cloud long before V'ger arrived in orbit).
I believe there was some dialogue about the cloud dissipating as it approached Earth. Presumably, this includes the 82 AU's worth of structure.

6) This is more of a trektech nitpick but it seems reasonable to point out....V'ger obviously has some form of FTL propulsion in order for it to cross the vastness of space. Indeed it arrives in Earth orbit from Klingon space in mere days. Yet oddly enough, both the Klingons and the Enterprise approach V'ger at impulse. How are they not getting "run over."
Warp has never been treated as it should be in ST. Ships really shouldn't be interacting while traveling faster than light. One of the most egregious examples is the Picard Maneuver. The ship is thrown into warp 9 for a small fraction of a second (enough to confuse sensors and visual), yet we see Picard saying "Warp nine. Hold it... Stand by to drop out of warp..... now."
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