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I voted "Step in the Wrong Direction". Not quite a disaster, but definitely not an improvement, IMO. I despise the minimalist interface look and feel. It strikes me as trying to take a page from the insipid Windows 8 playbook (also a very minimalist interface compared to its earlier incarnations), which I think is a BIG mistake. Apple has always been a leader in interface design - not a follower. This, to me, is a step backwards. Don't like what they did with Safari - then again, I think Safari as a browser on any platform, in general, is shit. And the new OS seems to be a severe battery drain, even after trying all the myriad energy saving tricks, more than ever before.

I am now convinced that Apple has hired all the hack developers that have been fired or laid of from Microsoft. They have brought the "worst of breed" practices with them and infiltrated Apple to bring it down from within, with the hopes of one day currying favor with Microsoft and being invited back into their fold. This, of course, is hyperbole, but I really do feel that the Apple of today has really taken some serious missteps since Dear Leader passed a few years back. Their complacency and indifference to the quality of their products will be their undoing. As a long-time Mac user for almost 20 years (and the NeXT back in the 80's and early 90's) It makes me sad...
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