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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

I like a lot of the ideas, and you address most of the points I feel need to be in a new series.

Like others, I think a smaller ship is the way to go. Another thing that Voyager did was reduce the ship size, to the point it's crew is smaller than Kirk's Enterprise. TNG felt too big, and I've always hated the idea of civilians aboard.

While I agree with the reasoning behind BigJake's notion of not naming it Enterprise, I think it should be. Mainstream audiences expect Star Trek to be about the Enterprise. Announce a new show with a new cast in a new setting, and it's not the Enterprise, a lot of the mainstream won't bother. Market it as another Kirk aboard an Enterprise then you've got interest, especially if you're making that Kirk a female Ensign looking to establish herself.

Someone in marketing will probably name it a reboot, even though it's not.
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