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Re: What Happens After Death

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As of now, we cannot scientifically determine anything. We don't know if there is such a thing as a soul. And if there was one, we don't know if it ceases to exist, if it goes into another realm, or if it returns to the body of a newborn. Of another species. On another planet.

Measurable activity in the brain stops. That's all we know.

Any debate is purely philosophical, there is no right or wrong.
This is completely wrong.

I love when people bemoan the failings of science on the internet, on a computer, plugged into an electrical outlet...

As to closed caption's post and whether or not we can test whether consciousness continues after death...I feel like you're asking the wrong question. It's a non sequitur, a massive leap really, to suggest that because science cannot fully explain the nature of consciousness as yet, consciousness might continue after death. These two ideas don't really have anything to do with each other -- after all, science cannot fully explain metabolism or the immune system as yet, but we don't go around suggesting that these things continue after death. Think of it this way: if you let go of all the mythology and religious or spiritual baggage about life after death and look only at the evidence, is there reason to believe that the consciousness goes on? It's been ingrained into us historically and culturally that we are something more than our brains, but that's not what the evidence suggests.

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