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Re: First Trailer for "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" drops

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I don't get studio CEO thinking at all.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: $80m worldwide gross.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol: $694m worldwide gross.

And now you know.
But as i also said it's different if your main star/character is Tom Cruise in a well established, current franchise and if your character is Jack Ryan who's been played by A list actors of their time (well, Harrison Ford is maybe still A List) but the movies are quite older, basically 90s movies which i like and maybe you too but the general audience may have already forgotten.

It just shows how much business thinking there is and how simple the formula actually is. Take Hot, young actor (Pine), give it some cool action scenes and try to ressurect an old franchise to appeal to older viewers and get them into seats.

It doesn't matter if you have twisted the character the movie shows into oblivion because no one cares apart from some idiots on message boards, right?

I may not see this in theatres as it looks too generic for me but i'll still catch it somewhere, it's just that the Jack Ryan is not needed at all if you're going to ignore his background (and i say this without having actually seen this movie so my opinion might change).
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