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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The boxed image of the upcoming Kmart-exclusive Death Star Scanning Crew 2-pack, one of three Kmart exclusive sets planned for the fall and Holiday shopping season.

While the other Scanning Crew set contains a grey-uniformed scanning officer and a repack of an older Stormtrooper (the 2004 VOTC clamshell figure I've heard), this one contains the black-uniformed Death Star detention block officer (Lt. Childsen; "Where are you taking this - thing?") who hasn't been immortalized in plastic form up until now. I imagine this set will be more popular than the other Scanning Crew due to Childsen being in it and more than a few people getting tired of repacked Stormtroopers using older molds.

The third Kmart set will be the Ewok Catapult, which will come in a slightly larger package to accommodate the catapult weapon pieces and retail for about six more dollars than the two Scanning Crews.
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