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Re: Strictly Come Dancing 2013

I always feel sorry for the people who get knocked out first week, because you really haven’t had enough time to get any kind of feel for it, but clearly Jacklin was making up the numbers and probably was always likely to be a very early departure. I’m only really sorry because it means less Aliona from now on.

Feltz surprised me with her waltz but suspect that’ll be the high point, and Julian McDonald’s just too bow legged to ever be any good so I think you’re right there. I’d disagree about Mark Benton though, for a big bloke he can actually dance and I think he’ll be around for a while.

I still can’t get over how awesome Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Charleston was.

I do think they’ve made a bit of an error in their choices this year. I think very few of the men are likely to make it very far, in fact I’d say now only Ashley has a shot at the final (I know it’s early days.) and maybe Patrick.
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