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Re: Do you like the Spock Prime "Phone a friend" scene?

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My point is that some people say TPTB should have done A instead of B, implying that A would have received wider approval than B, when the likelihood is that the only thing that would have changed would have been the nature of the complaints.

NuSpock contacts PrimeSpock = a contrived, cheap cameo
NuSpock doesn't contact PrimeSpock = NuSpock has this unique resource that might be able to provide insight and he's -not- using it?
Which is exactly why it should've been a clean reboot. Having that tie to the prime universe cheapens the whole new universe.
Except that a lot of people like the idea that the timeline diverged from what it was "supposed" to be. Myself included.
And even with a clean reboot some people would complain about how it was done..that it went too far or not far enough or whatever. Whatever approach TBTB took there would be people complaining about it. In the end TPTB should tell the tale they way they see best and let the chips fall where they may.
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