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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

I remembered I had downloaded a Jestons inspired flying scooter from a site titled "Posette Forever" which I thought might be something Mzzkiti might like joyriding. So I arranged a simple composition using a rather familiar backdrop and a technique called "shadow catching". One aligns an object, usually a "ground plane", which does not actually appear in the final render, but it does "catch" any ray-traced shadows cast by the lights used to illuminate the subjects.

Melody By Lady LittleFox
"Furries for..." morphs by Beth Capsces
SPF vest by Little Dragon
SPF uniform by Little Dragon
Furrette 2 by Little Dragon
Scooter from Posette Forever


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Freighter Tails: the Misadventures of Mzzkiti
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