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Boris Skrbic
Re: Where'd This Phase II Cutaway Come From...?

Where did I said that Okuda was dictating the direction of the franchise? I'm talking about the ability to canonize one word onscreen. And if something different happens, then it happens; analysis deals in probabilities, and there is great likelyhood of the TMP ship being canonized as Constitution-class (assuming it wasn't already, in a screen graphic I'm not aware of).

I'm not trying to be imaginative or creative, since I don't have the legal license for that; tie-in writers get it to a degree, and the series/movie writers to a much greater degree. The shows and the movies can absolutely disregard a lot, but when we're analyzing existing evidence, it's about reading the text and making conclusions based on it: stitching the pieces together in a research exercise, which prioritizes evidence based on its proximity to the canon. If the evidence changes, the analysis changes: no pressure. If the analysis is sufficiently consistent with what came before, it may even end up in licensed to highly-official works (think Star Charts), since the people responsible can see that you've been taking into account their previous work.

However, if you'd like to splinter Star Trek into work and home versions, that's your approach. I see only a continuum of sources, some more reliable than others.
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