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How long did Bulk & Skull stick around?
Both of them were part of the main cast for the first 6 seasons, all the way through PR In Space. Bulk stuck around as part of the main cast for one more season, PR Lost Galaxy (though only in 4 episodes), with Skull only appearing briefly in the first episode as a guest star.

They both returned to the show for a cameo in the 10th Anniversary episode "Forever Red".

Bulk returned as a member of the main cast in 2011 in PR Samurai, and its second year PR Super Samurai. Skull made an appearance in the last episode of Super Samurai.

(Because they got jobs in the UN! Pfft, were all the departures like that?).
As far as mid-show departures go, no, none that I can recall were as dumb and contrived as that World Peace Conference nonsense.
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