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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

Another ship's name would be fine with me! As far as smaller designs, don't know if anyone has seen the USS Helena from the Hidden Frontier fanfilm series but I find it quite gorgeous. Round saucer section with a very small lower deck, nacelles held by two 'bent' supports rather like Andorian ships, with a Nebula-style sensor array. It looked very sleek. A variation of the USS Charleston I understand. That design, but updated. Parliament-class perhaps?

As far as hearing about the Kirk family, I'll point out we keep hearing about supposedly 'famous' or distinguished Starfleet officers all the time! Never to hear of them again! Like Ben Maxwell, Garth of Izar, Admiral Nogura, etc. Consider--for the first two seasons of TNG the Federation was at war with the Cardassians! Did we have the slightest clue of that? For that matter, this particular Ensign Kirk might be the first in her family to join Starfleet in generations, for precisely because of the Great Man's shadow. The reason I like it is the audience would then feel all kinds of expectations. How could they not? Wouldn't they constantly judge her against James T. Kirk, even if she possessed all kinds of virtues he never ever demonstrated? Be a wonderful storyline, there.

Methinks the League should press every DANGER button in many Starfleet officers' heads. And it would be great to do the same to the audience!

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