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Re: Extent of V'Ger's journey

^That's right. The Vegan Tyranny are an enemy alien race from Blish's Cities in Flight series, and he referenced them in his "Tomorrow is Yesterday" adaptation, one of multiple references to his own work that Blish inserted into his Trek adaptations and Spock Must Die! The only other mentions of it in Trek that I'm aware of were in the 1980 Star Trek Maps (specifically the Introduction to Navigation booklet's entry on Vega) and in Shane Johnson's Worlds of the Federation, which borrowed a lot of Maps's conjectures.

Wait a minute, I think I see what publiusr is proposing. Maps and WotF suggested that the Tyranny might have been a cybernetic race, though I don't think there's a basis for this in Blish. So I guess publiusr is suggesting a connection between them and the builders of the "Dead Stop" station.
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