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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

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The long-term consequences of what is implied by this movie are pretty staggering. The Russians are, at a minimum, responsible for the deaths of four astronauts; the destruction of a space shuttle, the ISS, and Tiangong; and, from the looks of it, the gutting of a massive chunk of the global satellite network, with unknown and potentially massive consequences for the future of communications and other satellite technology; and, from the final images, possibly massive amounts of debris falling to the surface of the planet causing unknown destruction. The US, China, and the European Union must be pissed off.
Not to mention the destruction of the Hubble. And the debris field will likely orbit the Earth for a long time which puts a big wrench in any hope for future launches into space. (We'll accept for the moment that communication satellites, space telescopes, space stations and shuttle missions all happen in the same orbit.)

As I said in my review such an incident (though it is impossible to occur in real life) would decimate man's ventures into space and the loss of the satellites would have a lot of consequences in all sorts of areas on Earth. And the debris field would be a constant hazard to us on Earth as it came crashing down over the period of the next few decades or however long it'd take.

Yeah, Russia would not be looking good to anyone at all and would have a big "Oops, our bad!" statement coming. Trillions of dollars in damage and we're assuming there were no more lives lost beyond the shuttle crew. (The escapees from the ISS and Tiangong could've died/crashed into debris during their escape.)

This whole thing would be "quite* the incident. My buddy and I talked about this after the movie how there'd be *massive* consequences following these events.

And I was so taken by Sandra Bullock in her tank-top and spandex shorts it didn't dawn on me until much later she wasn't wearing the under-garment/apparatus to the EVA suit. Also, didn't NASA stop using the MMU a long time ago (during the shuttle era, that is.)

It's also funny to note that if Clooney wasn't dicking around so much in the MMU it would have had enough fuel in it to not make the trip to the ISS so "on the line", risky, and not mention saved his life. (Though, that was inaccurately portrayed. In real life once Bullock had a hold of him and both were stopped he'd have no momentum "pulling" her away causing the strain.)
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