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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hello, galaxy.

I was remiss not to post here first. I've been a fan of TOS Trek virtually since I could speak, and grew up with TNG Trek, too. I'm also very fond of Babylon 5 (particularly the Commander Sheridan/Bruce Bauxleitner period thereof), of Joss Whedon's Firefly, of Battlestar Galactica in both the old version and the new (for different reasons), and I think also (although I've never actually played the game, just seen videos of the content) of the Mass Effect universe.

For some reason I've never sought out a forum like this one, but I'm very glad I eventually found it. It seems a very welcoming place full of smart and fascinating people, and I'm delighted to have the chance to be a part of it.
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