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I see to remember some episodes in TOS where the Federation wanted some dilithium or herbal medicines or strategic value from some planets but accepted it when they said No. Have things changed by the 24th century?
A change might have occurred yes. However, the planets you seem to be referring to were not within the federation, owing to possessing a indigenous to that world population. The federation might (or might not) completely surround that world and it's star system, but the world itself wasn't within the federation's territory.

The ring world (per Picard) was in fact within federation space, this is made clear in the movie's dialog.

Surely just being in Federation territory doesn't make every planet in it under the control of the Federation.
If the planet is physically within federation space, then yes. But if a planet is simply with the greater area of the federation's "boundaries," that would not necessarily place it within federation space.

The ring world (per Picard) was in federation space.

And surely after 300 years the Baku and Sona have some rights to their planet which should be recognised no matter how inconvenient?
It difficult to see how 600 people living in a single valley could then claim a entire planet. If the Sona thought themselves to have legitimate rights to the planet, the federation wouldn't have been involved.

The Federation is not a military dictatorship, is it?
The group consensus tends toward a no.

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