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Re: UT: TFV-The Quality of Mercy

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Starbase Bastion

“I can’t believe you convinced me to do this,” Lt. Juanita Rojas chuckled, feeling very underdressed.

“Oh, come on, red looks good on you,” Lt. Veca Ryse stopped and twirled in her own golden 23rd century-style uniform. Unlike Juanita, the tall, lithe fair skinned, violet-haired Farian had the legs for the miniskirt. Completing the twirl, Veca said, “Doesn’t she look fetching Loto?”

Lt. Loto, the third member of their trio, hunched his massive shoulders, an anxious look on his face. The bald headed, tanned Arbazan nervously licked his lips and rubbed his ridged forehead, thinking of something to say or deflect Ryse’s line of inquiry.

“Oh never mind,” Veca blew through her teeth. She pinched one of the man’s massive biceps and the gesture startled him. Ryse was unfazed. “Operations red does look good on you too though.”

Juanita couldn’t help but give a sidelong glance, which she blamed on Veca’s prompting. Loto’s compact, ripped physique in his crimson tunic was very eye catching. If he had been a little bit taller he would’ve put Juanita in the mind of her beau. And she was certain that Tai Donar would not be pleased that she was eyeing another man.

She stopped immediately and forced her eyes forward. From the periphery of her vision she saw that Veca had not. The Farian loved to tease the taciturn Arbazan. They had been at it long before Juanita had joined the crew.

“I can’t believe they have one holosuite dedicated to the missions of the Enterprise-1701 and 1701-A,” Juanita marveled. She also wanted to spare poor Loto.

“Why is it such a surprise?” Veca shrugged, “I mean it’s only the most famous ship in the Fleet. Even the Enterprises-D or E haven’t racked up as many achievements.”

“It’s got to be close by now,” Juanita rejoined, thinking of her dream ship.

“Not by a mile,” Veca asserted, “Besides Picard is too stuffy. He’s not as vivacious as Kirk.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Juanita shook her head.

“You’ll see,” Veca proclaimed. “Once we’re in the simulation and you see his holographic likeness up close.”

“Okay,” Juanita said, not coating her doubt.

“Which Enterprise captain do you think was the best?” Loto interjected. Juanita was shocked. Not by the interjection but that the man attempted to make conversation at all. He didn’t direct the question to either woman in particular. As it was Veca’s wont, she jumped right in.

“Come on Kirk.” Veca rolled her eyes as if it were a no-brainer.

“Well, I think Picard,” Juanita shot back. “What do you think Loto?”

“Well, there’s Pike, Kirk, Decker,” Loto rattled off the names of each commanding officer, “Harriman, Garrett, Picard, Riker, Picard, Jellico…”

“Seriously, Jellico doesn’t count,” Veca interceded. Juanita playfully jabbed the Farian in the ribs.

“Shush,” she admonished her friend. Now that the Arbazan was talking she didn’t want him to wall himself again.

Loto had continued talking, wrapped in his own thoughts, and oblivious to their offside jibing. “Harriman,” he concluded. That drew surprised looks from both women.

“Harriman?” Veca was incredulous.

“Harriman?” Juanita’s tone was more inquisitive but still she was just as puzzled.

“Yes,” the Arbazan doubled down, still oblivious to the shocks he had generated. “It took tremendous courage to first take command after Captain Kirk and then to retain command after the shakedown cruise tragedy,” the man reasoned. “It is not easy to weather public condemnation.”

That brought Veca up short. She nodded sagely, an old pain etching across her face. Both she and Loto had served aboard Nimbus during the now infamous Ardana Incident. So they knew full well what it was like to keep their heads up while being pariahs.

“Maybe Harriman isn’t such a bad choice after all,” Veca conceded, her normal wattage dimming considerably.

“He’s a great choice,” Juanita said with forced cheer. “Good pick Loto.”

The Arbazan looked at her curiously, “You're…welcome Lieutenant Rojas.”

“While we’re in our costumes, we’re all on a first name basis, okay?” Veca said, her clouds dissipating.

“So, what’s going to be the mission for this program?” Juanita asked.

“I don’t know,” Veca shrugged, “I think Loto should pick.”

“The mission where the Enterprise encountered the planet killer,” the Arbazan surprisingly had one already picked out. Surprising to Juanita because that inferred that he was actually looking forward to the holosuite program. She couldn’t read that in his stony disposition.

“Ooh that’s a good one,” Veca gushed. “I can’t wait to get inside the suite now.”

“Ah, guys, I think we might have to delay our session,” Juanita said, her pulse quickening.

“What’s wrong?” Veca narrowed her eyes, perceptive to the serious switch in tone. Juanita pointed across, to the other side of the Promenade. “Fark!” She muttered as she saw Silane trying to intercede in vain between Dr. Xylia and three angry Klingons. “I see what you’re saying,” she replied. “Looks like someone needs our…”

Before the Farian finished, Loto took off, his sure physical movements speaking a lethal language that Juanita hoped the Klingons heard as loudly as she did.
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