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Hi, all. I'm Constable Katie Redshoes, and while I am new here, I am not new to Star Trek fandom. Some of you may recognize my name from alt.startrek.creative and alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated, as I became a member of the ASC* Archive staff (better known today as Trekiverse) in 1997, and lead archivist in 2000. I've been mostly a fandom lurker for the past 6 or 7 years due to a series of messy real life situations that took me away from fandom, but now I am back, and just joined TrekBBS to try to reconnect.

On the Trekiverse front, I'm working with my cohort Stephen Ratliff to bring Trekiverse up to modern archive standards, and I invite you to read all about that over at our new blog at Wordpress (mirrored on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr). We are getting close to relaunching Trekiverse powered by eFiction, which will give us tools we never had before, not least of which is robust searching and direct archive submissions.

We are excited about being able to provide a whole new reading experience for our archive of over 22,000 Star Trek fanfiction works. When we relaunch, we will be featuring winners of the ASC Awards (1995-2008) and the ASCEM Golden O's (1997-2007), and will be back to make recommendations.

Constable Katie Redshoes
Trekiverse archive team since 1997
Archive blog on Wordpress
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