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Furthermore they did go with Khan and the movie made a lot of money and did well among critics and the movie going audience who all gave a majority of positive reviews.

People might have a point saying it was a mistake if the movie tanked, but that just wasn't the case.

A movie can do well and be riddled with problems, the Star Wars prequels and the Transformers movies for example. And out of all of the positive reviews for Star Trek Into Darkness I've read none of them claim it's a perfect movie, it's just good enough. Many critics have mentioned having Khan as the villain was a mistake. Yeah, STiD made a bunch of money, but compared to how Star Trek 2009 did, STiD's 3D and IMAX tickets and it's bigger budget, studio insiders consider STiD to have underperformed at the box office. Obviously it didn't bomb, but it didn't do as well as it was expected to do. And part of that could have been Khan, as well as many other things.
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