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Re: Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

Richard rubbed himself against her and she's from a conservative culture. The fact that he's not sexually interested in her doesn't make it any less of a sexual assault, I can definitely understand that one.

The ones that bother me the most are the ones when people quit for no reason because they aren't having a good time, like Colton, Naonka, Purple Kelly, Osten, etc. Or even worse are like the Hantzes who, knowing they are going to get voted out, throw violent tantrums to get themselves booted from the show.

It was also kind of stupid when Johnny Fairplay got voted out and pretended he was walking away voluntarily. But at least he did it in a way that didn't hurt his tribe.

BTW, ever notice that even though like three times more people have played Survivor than Big Brother, Survivor has never had a rule violation expulsion and Big Brother has one every two or three years? How many has it been? Justin, Scott, Chima, Willie, are there any I'm missing? Survivor is so much better at casting than Big Brother.
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