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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

Starting to get in some signage on the secondary hull, nacelles and saucer underside. I opted to go with tweaking the familiar Starfleet pennant design to reflect the idea this ship is decades older and from a time when Starfleet was pretty much just getting off the ground after the founding of the Federation. The red of the pennant links back to the UESPA pennant I have on the star clipper. The stylized star represents the "star" in Star Fleet and I got the idea from Masao's Starfleet Museum only I coloured it yellow and put it right on the pennant to differentiate from Masao's design. One could speculate that when the pennant is redesigned (possibly when the Constitution-class is introduced) the stylized star becomes an arrowhead or boomerang.

After some further thought I've decided to designate this design as Vanguard-class and this ship will be called the Valiant. I chose NCC-1203 to reflect this being one of the earliest ones to be commissioned into service.
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