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Re: Castle - Season 6 Discussion & Spoilers

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Fortunately the seeds have been planted already for her leaving the Feds as she is not the compromising type when it comes to putting bad people behind bars. However, as a sidenote, to be fair to the SecDef.. he made a tactical decision to achieve mission success in a very high stakes mission (second only to catching/killing Bin Laden) and it "only" comes at the cost of a US operative. Call me cold but i believe the President would have decided similarly.
But the problem isn't that he made a tactical decision that led to the death of an asset in a combat situation -- the problem is that he subsequently committed murder and other crimes to cover up that decision.
Yeah well.. my mind wandered and i occasionally did other things while the episode continued.. usually not a very good sign for a show (but then Castle lost quite some appeal for me from mid season 5 onwards and days can go by before i watch the newest episode, something unheard of in previous seasons).
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