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Re: Best tactician? Kirk,Picard, Sisko or Janeway?

I disagree 100% with most of you.. Archer is probably the best tactician out of all of them

Sisko was not a good tactician The ONLY reason why Sisko helped with the war was becuase he asked the prophets for help. otherwise the Dominion would have MOST DEFINITELY taken over the Alpha Quadrant.

Sisko couldnt even trick the Romulans into the war without 99% of Garak's help!
Sisko, has his butt handed to him more than 3 times against the Founders cunning and brilliant tactics.

Back to Archer Lets think about this shall we

Archer was using not only the weakest ship out of all of the other captains( due to being 100 years before everyone else).. But in comparison to other ships out in space during that period he he was inferior to 75% of the time.

Enterprise NX-01 had no tractor beam, poor armor, weak phase cannons and No shields( except during the alternate timeline in "Twilight"):

And compared to the other ships during this time( Andorians,Vulcans, Most Klingon Battlecruises and the Orions) the NX-01 was substantially less powerful. Yet they survived. Not from brute force like the ENT D or Siskos Defiant, but from using his head. Combat tactics. Yes the NX-01 went thru a couple refits( Photonic torpedoes,and better armor by season 3 , but even this it was comparatively weak)

Archer faced multiple bad guys and he made it out ok.. Archer went into the expanse on his own and emerged both with his ship surviving and victorious

Archer+the crew defeated 24th century Borg in under 45 minutes!( Regeneration)

Despite a species with inferior tech,Archer and the NX-01 gained respect from Vulcans Andorians Tellerites and Klingons. Meanwhile Sisko can just blow stuff up with his Defiant( the most powerful ship in the Alpha Quadrant once it was introduced)

Janeway was alone in delta quadrant but Archer was almost almost all the time and survived.and Voyager was a powerful ship compared to most Delta Quadrant Species.

Kirks TOS Enterprise was powerful compared to most species. IT could blow a klingon battle cruiser away with 1 shot.. It outgunned Birds of Prey 10-1

The only reason why he wasnt part of this poll was becuase nobody liked the series.

Without a doubt.Archer reigns above all the rest and should have been on the list.

2nd to Janeway( only for being totally alone in Delta Quadrant)

Kirk is in 3rd Place

Picard is 4th ( that Picard Manuever was his first and last truly brilliant move)

Sisko is dead last IMO.

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