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Re: Guess which new show will be canceled first?

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Yeah, though that only happened once they saw how high the ratings for the first few episodes were, namely the first two, then they announced a second season. Which strikes me as a stupid decision as I think it could have been much better had it not been stretched out. If they'd have gone with the original plan and gave it a bit more focus towards a resolution, they'd have a much stronger show instead of meandering around like it did.
I agree, but I think the point was always for more than 13 episodes. I don't think that much of the story was changed at all and I doubt we would have gotten any kind of resolution.

Thing is, I don't think I ever saw it advertised as anything more than a miniseries until after the ratings it got. I kind of feel that they jeopardized it with extending it, that they'll have to put it out of its misery instead of ending it with dignity like they could have. It's why I feel ratings don't give a complete picture.
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