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Re: Do you like the Spock Prime "Phone a friend" scene?

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To be fair, based on how the scene was handled I don't think we saw everything the two Spocks said to each other.
Yes, the scene obviously ended while they were in mid-conversation, which was by design. NuSpock asked "How? [did you defeat Khan]", leaving the impression that nuSpock learns about the circumstances surrounding Prime Spock's death. Later in engineering, the dying Kirk tells Spock "It's what you would have done" (because it was the only "logical" course of action). You can see Spock shocked by that statement, if you watch closely, as if he was saying to himself "Holy sh!t! That's exactly right!".

DonIago wrote:
Wouldn't it be more incompetent -not- to at least try to find out whether SpockPrime knew anything about Khan?

As I said above, in a worst-case scenario Our Heroes have nothing to lose.
True. And, if he really didn't want to tell them, he could have called on some STIV dialogue.

nuSpock: "Did you ever encounter someone named 'Khan'?"

oldSpock: "If I were human, I believe my response would be 'Go to hell!' Spock out!"
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