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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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I have been pretty quiet about the turmoils of P2 as you have (or have NOT) seen.

But here's what I do have to say:...

In 2006 I was dying of AIDS. The docs gave me three months unless I got on the cocktail, which I did. The drugs helped my body, but honestly, at that point in my life, I felt I had little left to give and nothing to look forward to. By 2007, the camper I was living in, on the streets, caught fire, burning me badly and killing my dog and two cats. Suddenly I was, LITERALLY, on the streets....

My friend Ed allowed me to stay in his converted garage while I got my life sorted out.

It was then I discovered STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES during a web search for something else.

I watched the first two episodes, and was hooked. I saw the talent, raw though it was, and I wanted to help somehow. When they put out a call for recruitment on BAF, I sent them a Transporter test, and they snapped me up!

To date I have become one of two VFX Supervisors on the show, Tobias Richter being the other. Suddenly, I'm swamped with TREK work, and by now I've created DOZENS, if not more, shots for P2, and even found myself in front of the camera as an actor!

James and everyone else at P2 have become such good friends, I can't imagine life without them now! And my association with P2 has brought me into the realms of David Gerrold, Doug Drexler, Mike Okuda, and many others form the TV shows. I've even done the occasional payed job because of my P2 effects! David has personally asked me to do work for him on his P2 efforts!!!

All because of this web series, STAR TREK PHASE 2. Something we do for fun.

But P2 is, literally, the only reason I'm alive today. AIDS can bring you down hard and fast. AIDS combined with tuberculosis, pnuemonia, and a lot of pain, is a seriously deadly combination.

Had it not been for P2, for James, and the other folks there who have given me such love and support, I would simply not be here today.

So, if somebody out there goes on a bitch-rant against P2, of James, or any of us, remember my friends... your show saved a life. Mine. And because of you, I have a LOT more to give!

My deepest thanks. I'll try to earn it!

Pony Horton
Thanks for sharing this.
Gee, I missed this, Thanks for posting this.
Thanks Pony for this insight.... I never knew....
And Pony I love your work and acting as a

Pony, can the cast sell autographed "Cast" photos???
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