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Re: 800th Episode - 2014 Christmas Special (Rumour's/Poss. Spoilers)

Samurai8472 wrote: View Post
A pic from production of the Christmas special

I believe that's Matt's mother

Also, sources are saying Clara will depart the series next year

Rumored to be at the half way mark. Well it makes sense because her story is done

Makes you wonder how long Capaldi will stay
That picture makes Smith look much older for some reason. His hair looks thinner for a start. Gives a good idea of how he may looks when he's older.

Also, Smiths mum seems cute......

Lonemagpie wrote: View Post
I wouldn't be at all surprised if Capaldi was a one-season Doctor, TBH
I really hope not. It's taken me four years of Smith to even warm to Smith (although I'm beginning to loave him again).

Then again, Eccleston was a one season doctor, and he's one of the best ever. McGann was a one episode doctor and my joint favourite (with tenant). I hope Capaldi lasts at least two series. I'd also like the Valeyard to be the main antagonist in one of Capaldi's series.
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