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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

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An impressive vessel with primary, secondary and emergency shields.
Among its shuttles is the Reliant, in effect a super-runabout but built to include a "phase-cloak" such as the one attempted with USS Pegasus.
This one works fine, but requires enormous power as well as minimal shields. More, another phased ship's weapons can hurt it.
Why is that of any importance?
People complain that Trek's technology seems to remain at the same level. This is a specific item both the Federation and Romulans were trying to develop in the TNG-era. But in and of itself it would seem to make Enterprise-G almost invulnerable. So--include it. But make it specialized, at a cost. And presumably others have developed this tech as well, which makes Reliant both vulnerable and an important line of defense should the occasion arise.

In short, it provides an opportunity for conflict.
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