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Re: 13 Department Heads?

It's stuff like this that makes me wonder what First Officers like Chakotay and Riker do all day, rather than stand around on the bridge striking dramatic poses. Neither of them seems to have actual assigned duties other than chewing out subordinates. They don't seem responsible for any particular department, like Spock was.

And I was watching TOS: The Cage/The Menagerie a lot the past month. What's up with Number One? She sits at what eventually becomes Sulu's helm position, sometimes her hands aren't even touching the controls, she fiddles with her hair, doesn't pay a lot of attention to the main viewer. Near the end, when she and Colt are back on board, the transporter officer tells Spock (in an overdubbed off-camera voice possibly) that the system is coming on again, rather than telling her. And she's supposed to be the most experienced officer on board.
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