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Re: First Contact vs. Into Darkness

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I don't get the complaint that Picard was out of character, let alone enough to ruin the film (although this may be a little bit from watching it before "I, Borg" and finding that a less satisfying TBoBW sequel); encountering the Borg briefly twice (the latter time being Lore's pretty different version) in seven years doesn't seem enough for him to not want vengeance against them, especially when they seem increasingly likely to take over his ship and assimilate all of humanity.

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STiD blows away FC in every aspect. It really does recapture the essence of the Kirk and Spock characters, shows their friendship progressing, and you get the sense they both grew as characters.
How did Spock grow in ID?
He understands the value and meaning of friendship. His cavalier attitude towards life and death have changed. He admits his choice to be stoic comes more from not wanting to deal with the emotions of losing Vulcan than from simply adhering to the philosophical aspects of being a Vulcan. That's a big personal admission.
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