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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Cool video!! (and cute guy!!)

I usually end up as the deso but that's not the reason I don't drink. There were three factors that lead to that decision:

1) I work with alcohol a lot and by inhaling it 8 hours a day I already get so high a dose that my GP once asked me if I was an alcoholic (my liver readings were quite off the score, apparently). I've now developed a new analysis technique that minimizes my contact with alcohol and both my liver and my medicine man are rather pleased

2) alcohol is one of the strongest poisons we biologists know. Even in tiny doses it already damages nervous tissue ( = the brain). You don't notice it at first because the other cells take over for the damaged ones but after a while it gets more than they can handle. Also, an ex of mine boozed himself to death which was no pleasure to watch, I assure you. After a while the pancreas deteriorates and you start to digest your own intestines. A slow and extremely painful death.

3) I am the one who controls my actions. I won't allow any person nor any chemical substance to control me. (Which is why I gave up smoking the instant it became a habit, 30 years ago, and I don't do any drugs at all - neither legal nor illegal ones - save for my migraine meds)
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