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Re: How do you look at the different series?

TOS was the foundation, clever in it's own regard but ultimately better things were built upon it. A few stand alone episodes were great, some were terrible, but most were just average. Really the six movies(four of them anyway) was TOS' finest hour.

TNG's structure got off to a shaky start, but by season 3 some fine writing and stories stabilized it and while there weren't any major arcs per se, there were numerous references and the sense of linearity even if it was into the next plot of the week for the post part.

DS9 reached Trek's highest and grandest point. The characters were real, the stories were engaging, they took chances and there were consequences without the reset button being employed so often. As frustrating as it was at the time, I miss the days of yearning for next week's DS9 episode.

By the time VOY came along the building was starting to show some wear and tear. The building still had some charm, but was showing it's age and there wasn't much new about it and if you dug deep enough, a lot not to like. A pity more work wasn't put into keeping the building new so to say, but the prospect of being lost in space quite literally forced them into the alien of the week repeat.

And Enterprise, the building started to crumble. Season's 1 and 2 were regarded with neglect and by the time seasons 3 and 4 started producing gems, the damage was irreversible and the building collapsed. Yet while it was there, there was some good stuff.

NuTrek... just takes the debris and rearranges it into a "new" building without actually creating anything we hadn't really seen before from the old. They compensate with a lot of glitter and paint to cover that up with graphics, but it's the old building still. Interesting in it's own right, but I wish it would build it's own unique story instead of just hashing the old pieces and calling it something new.

Well I guess I took that metaphor about as far as it can go.
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