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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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It's being reported that Dusty Baker is finished with Cincinnati. I'd take him in a heartbeat over Gibbons for the Jays.
You can have him. It didn't take all that long before I understood all too well Timby's outright gleeful response when the Cubs let him go. I don't doubt his has enjoyed some good player support while in Cincinnati... but things have just plain been screwy with many of his personnel decisions the past couple of years - particularly the pitching. Starting Cueto this year in the wildcard game against Pittsburgh is a good example. In all seriousness though... I think his health necessitates his retirement, and I was quite surprised when he came back after his late season problems last year.

But bottom line is I am glad Cincinnati has decided to change things up. This team has woefully underachieved the past 3 seasons. And that is reason enough for my money to make a change.
Dusty is all about underachievement.
And blaming someone else, his story about getting the can because he was defending his hitting coach is just more fiction.
Now I can breathe and I feel grace rush over me.
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