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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

Yeah, the Delta Flyer and the whole infinite shuttles on Voyager (not to mention the silly need for all shuttlecraft to look like their mothership, ranging from the Chaffee on Defiant to Picard's in Insurrection made me wonder how the actual logistics actually works)

On the runabouts, I did go back and check the transcript. You're right, it does simply say "runabout class vessels" which makes me think he meant "runabout class" as in being a size class, rather than the ship class name like people assume that dialogue to mean.

It does seem like moderately sized ships aren't super rare, but I'm also curious if they were actually as capable as they're made out to be or as small. Goroth's ship is actually decently big compared to an Archer sized escape pod...say about ~35-50m in length and substantially beamier than a 24th century runabout, and certainly large enough to have a payload volume in the ~1500 m range.

The Captain's Yachts are all around that size, which means maybe they weren't rare even in Starfleet use as executive transports of one sort or another.

What seems to be the difference with something like a Danube is that they're in a size range that's right in between those 1500 m range light vessels and the much smaller sub-100 m auxiliaries, which make them roughly analogous to advice boats, pilot boats and similar craft which were bigger than ship's boats but smaller than say a cutter or schooner. Except what's interesting is that these sub-1000m designs are capable of being used in ways that the previous 1500m designs used to fill. It's a good combination of the mother craft increasing in size and the vessels increasing in capability vs. volume.

Could you give me your thoughts on the classification scheme itself? Tried to go with as much a combination of payload types and endurance as much as anything else. Some of the classifications were required out of dialogue. For example TNG's Conspiracy established there were still heavy cruisers and frigates.
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