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Re: Was Crusher Troi's boss?

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Am I reading this wrong? Why wouldn't a Chief Medical Officer have authority over nurses, who are medical personnel? I'm pretty sure nurses are usually required to follow doctor's orders.
I don't know about other countries but here doctor's have no authority over nurses, Doctor's can issue directives for the therapy and they obviously prescribe medication which the nurse will inject or give to the patient, but nursing is its own profession, they work alongside doctors not for them.
I am a nurse and if a doctor tries to order me around he or she will regret that day even if it's the chief of medicine himself, because believe it or not, he's not my boss, we have our own "chain of command".
That makes sense, but in this case it's more along the lines of a military medical unit, wherein the commanding officer is a doctor, like Col. Potter on M*A*S*H Beverly is a commander by rank & Ogawa is a Lieutenant in the same unit

A cool thing would have been to have a nursing corp. like the Army, & though the entire corp. of nurses on board would answer to the officer in charge of the medical dept. in matters such as away teams, disaster plans or what have you, the nurses, their duty roster, assignments, schedules etc... within the function of the ship's sickbay would be within its own department. That really would've been an excellent way to feature Ogawa, who was arguably the chief nurse...... Like Major Margaret Houlihan... on M*A*S*H. I keep going back to M*A*S*H
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