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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

I thought this was a really good film. An amazing visual treat, one I wish I could have seen on an IMAX screen. Cuaron really knows how to film a movie and space comes alive her. I also appreciate the 90-minute run time and that Cuaron didn't feel the need to inflate the run time.

Sandra Bullock was very good and definitely carried the movie. I don't know about Oscar good though. It takes a while for her character to get going, pretty much grunting and breathing her way through the beginning of the movie. And I agree that she spoke too much after Clooney was gone. Clooney was good as always but he was basically playing George Clooney as an astronaut.

I have to say that the audience I saw it with was packed and have a young and old and diverse group of people. This film definitely has broad appeal.
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