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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

80. The World's End: C+
81. The Other Woman: B
82. The Other Guys: B-
83. The Sorcerer's Apprentice: C+
84. Catfish: A-

So I decided it was time to watch the movie that coined the phrase "Catfishing" as it was popularized by the college football "dead girlfriend" shenanigans. I forget the player and don't care to google it.

I found it to be a surprisingly engrossing documentary about how this woman in Michigan created an elaborate ruse using Facebook and stealing a semi-professional models pictures from Model Mayhem and other things about the net to build this fake world in order to get the attention of a modest NY photo and filmmaker.
I kept waiting and waiting for how Catfish came into play and near the very, very end this woman's husband tries to make a parallel with how catfish somehow preserved cod as it was transported across the ocean in containers. Something about the catfish taking the bad and preserving the good. I honestly am not sure if or how much that applied to what his wife was doing. Anyway, I found it to be engaging all the same.

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68. Gravity (A+)

This is that rare movie that absolutely demands to be seen on the biggest screen you can find, in 3D. This would not be the same movie in 2D, let alone on a TV. It took Alfonso Cuaron years to make this, and it shows; this is virtuoso stuff, merging the absolute best movie-making technology with some wonderfully humanistic storytelling. Sandra Bullock gives the best performance I've ever seen from her.
Well crap. I was going to save this for DVD. So seriously, it's big screen worthy of my theater dollars? I didn't doubt the quality but wasn't sure it screamed "must see big screen". But it is worthy of my $12 then?
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