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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

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One of the assumptions was that proliferation of small "starship" qualified warp capable craft (as opposed to smallcraft) was that ships were finally large enough to actually carry a fair number of them, the growing size of Starbase facilities, and the fact that shipboard industrial replicators might allow starships to modify/customize them to their own satisfaction.
Delta Flyer et al

We know that Sisko referred to runabouts as "starships" at several points. So maybe they can in fact go at at least warp 5 (old scale) and have dilithium reactors. I'm partly basing that by the by, on the fact that NX-01 being a warp 5 ship and being a "starship" seemed to be a big deal.
AFAIK, Sisko only referred to them as "vessels" although I initially thought the same thing until recently. I'm agree that the use of Yachts/runabouts/Aerowings on exploration vessels is both the combination of compact warp drives becoming more feasible and a starship's greater ability to support one. OTOH, part of me thinks that similar types of vessels must have existed before they were attached to starships; the Vulcan shuttles of the 22nd century seem quite a bit bigger and more capable than anything Earth Starfleet had, as was the survey ship from "Carbon Creek." There's also Goroth's shuttlepod in "Bounty" which appears to be equipped with a photon torpedo launcher and a tractor beam. I think the CONCEPT of such vessels was always around, but it wasn't until recently that anyone thought to attach them to starships on a regular basis.

Perhaps dilithium reactors went out of style for a while after NX-01 and were only revived around the time of TOS.
What makes you think dilithium even went out of style?
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