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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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If Voyager had been aired more or less in production order (except in instances where story order dictated otherwise), the perception that it lacked continuity wouldn't be as prevalent.
Is that really the case, though? I know airing episodes out of order meant a *few* things got jumbled, but for the most part my impression has always been that the difference between broadcast order and production order wasn't much.
Viewing them out of order jumbled barely anything, almost nothing up because there wasn't almost any continuity demanding a strict viewing order, baring the introduction or exit of a character or the addition/removal of a new set or prop (I spent half a page listing that shit precisely.)

Production order and airing order might not have been so different, but Voyager was eventually made for the casual viewer and they could have watched seasons backwards for all that was expected of them.

They were able to miss three weeks, or a year, because they needed to get drunk with their friend/s, or they could watch a couple VHS tapes from last season for the first time and it blends in with everything they are familiar within the present.

The casual viewer had no respect for their televisions.
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