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If the Federation already had the tech to save the people in question....
The transporter has been used to de-age people and re-age people.

The federation once developed a process that could create planets from nebulas and even raise the dead.

A scientists once came up with the ability to transfer his consciousness into an android body, and then he dumped his brain into the Enterpise's main computer meaning replicating the process likely isn't impossible.

If it wasn't for the federation's laws against genetic engineering they they could allow people to live twice as long with their own science.

According to Pulaski LaForge's sight might have been restored by existing federation medical science.

They developed a replicator which could replace organs, bones, and other tissues.

Not to mention all the super science they pull out of their asses to resolve whatever problem they had to deal with that week.

So yeah I don't buy the writers belief that the federation couldn't do this on their own after a little scientific research.
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