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Re: NHL Season Discussion - 2013/14

Got to love Boudreau calling it "bush league." This from a has-been coach who made headlines swearing at his players on HBO. This is nothing but good, especially for Colorado, who has suffered through horrendous teams since their glory days.

Here we go with the fighting debate again. This rears it's head again and again and I'm sick of media outlets making players sound like victims, how the management "forces" them to be fighters. Uh, yeah, you tell that to a guy like Colton Orr or George Parros or other enforcers who wouldn't have an NHL career without it.

The rules the NHL have tried to institute to make it "safer" like making them keep their helmets on is just stupid. You want to limit staged fights? Give a player five to seven fights and then they are suspended and fined, both in escalating severity for every fight afterwards. This doesn't eliminate fighting, but it eliminates the staged fighting and makes fighters pick their spots.

If they are going to limit or remove fighting, the NHL will have to be more than vigilant in punishing cheap shot artists like Kaleta and Cooke. Some people might roll their eyes, but those kinds of players will run wild without any policing.
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