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from errand of mercy we know there had been a previous group on organia. along with some odd findings from their report spock highly disagreed with.
Starfleet already had some information about Organia in TOS: Errand of Mercy:

KIRK: Organia's description, Mister Spock.

SPOCK: Inhabited by humanoids. A very peaceful, friendly people living on a primitive level. Little of intrinsic value. Approximately Class D minus on Richter's scale of cultures.
And after they beam down and meet Ayelborne, Spock takes a few tricorder readings:

SPOCK: Captain, our information on these people and their culture was not correct. This is not a primitive society making progress toward mechanisation. They are totally stagnant. There is no evidence of any progress as far back as my tricorder can register.

KIRK: That doesn't seem likely.

SPOCK: Nevertheless, it is true. For tens of thousands of years, there has been absolutely no advancement, no significant change in their physical environment. This is a laboratory specimen of an arrested culture.

KIRK: Thank you, Mister Spock. That might be useful.
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