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Hartzilla2007 wrote: View Post
Not to mention that the federation probably already has the technology to save these millions
The term use in the movies was "billions." So Hartzilla2007 the particles will help multiple billions (let say just two billion) and there are 150 members in the Federation. That 13 million plus people average per member species who would be helped by the new treatment.

If the Federation had other treatments, they would have already have been use to help the affected people.

But hey, 13 million here, 13 million there, what's that next to 600 people wanting to hoard the particles solely for their own exclusive use?

... and pretty much steal their planet?
Whose planet? Oh that right, the Federation's planet.

Starfury wrote: View Post
But... no one actually asked them to help. No one.
Nor did at any point did the Baku offer to help anyone. As mentioned before, they would have figured out fairly quickly that there was something special about the planet, they were capable of warp travel, and they told no one.

No one.

Dougherty and the Sona just decided to relocate them... secretly.
My impression is that the curious idea to employ the holoship was entirely the Federations. The Sona certainly didn't seem to think it was a good idea in the movie.

And no the Baku shouldn't have been covertly moved, when the Federation moved the Baku it should have been done openly.

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