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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack - Review Thread (Spoilers!

Well, I needed to take a long and very hot shower after reading this book, I felt that dirty. So let me get this straight.

It is OK to bury and cover up truth as long as it saves the sitting government from losing face.

Dirty tactics and threats are acceptable as long as the "Right People" are in charge.

Anyone who might expose the buried secrets is be considered an enemy.

Media and Police should let their political views determine how they do their job.

The military keeping secrets from elected leaders is fine and dandy, especially when it comes to the assassination of a leaders predecessor.

A surveillance society is acceptable as long as those in power say it is to keep the "bad" people from getting back into power.

Someone who has murdered, tortured, and done other horrible crimes in the past is a fine choice for a leader. And a fine public face for your people. As long as they promise to provide people with food, water, and medicine.

People are too stupid to be trusted with the truth.

From my own study of history the greatest and most vile tyrants have never came to power promising evil and destruction. They come to power promising that no one will go hungry, no one will suffer. Just put us in complete charge of your lives and everything will be fine. Looke like Cardassia has not learned a thing.

Truth is NEVER a bad thing. Truth never hurts. Truth sets you free. Truth is NEVER to be feared.
" No one knows that you were the third one... Solidus. ...What should I do about the woman? Yes sir. I'll keep her under surveillance. Yes. Thank you. Good-bye...... Mr. President."
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