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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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Simple. To try to trick Marcus into loading a ship up with the top secret torpedoes to go after him, thereby creating the best opportunity to get his people out of the clutches of Section 31. Marcus was salivating too much, from the opportunity to start his pet war, for him to realize how he was being played.
But the torpedoes did have live warheads. If Marcus fired them, Khan would just die with his people. And Khan couldn't know that Kirk would come and decide to take him prisoner instead of just killing him. If it weren't for kirk's entirely unplanned shuttle ride, Khan would simply be stuck wandering around some Klingon ruins.
How do you know they had live warheads? When did any of them explode? When could any of them be scanned before our heroes figured out how to open them?

No, the whole point was that they were not really torpedoes at all. They just appeared to be. The only time any of them blew up was after the bodies were removed and one was turned into a real torpedo.
I'm afraid that's incorrect. Marcus' plan of having Kirk fire the torpedoes at the Klingon world makes no sense if the torpedoes aren't really torpedoes. And we can see from Marcus' dialogue that he knew Khan's people were in them. It is also apparent that he didn't intend for Kirk to open one of them up. If the Enterprise tried to fire them and they just didn't fire, what then? How is Enterprise sitting in the NZ going "wha happen" intended to start a war? The torpedoes can be "turned into real torpedoes" simply by arming them, because they are real torpedoes.
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