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Re: Khan the most dangerous enemy of the original crew?

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The movie Into Darkness is apparently killing in Blu-ray releases?
The movie that made over a billion in the box office and nearly triple the gross of Into Darkness?
Didn't Iron Man 3 tease a bigger Iron Man enemy being in the film, and a theory that people have come up with is that this was just a considerably reimaging of said enemy?
I'm not sure where this is going any longer, so I'll just say that my original post was a simple jest. The idea that the villain could have been someone Kirk randomly bumped into in a hallway years ago reminded me of Iron Man 3. I thought the comparison was funny, so I posted my thought.

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As for "My name is Khan" - He probably assumed everyone knew who he was. He's Khan, he's walking, talking, ego. Ego demands that the mere mention of his name would still carry weight centuries after his disappearance.
And isn't Khan supposed to be the Hitler of the Star Trek universe? If Adolf Hitler were to reappear and announce himself in front of us, we would all know who he was and be a little freaked out by it. Everyone knew who Khan was in Space Seed, so they would in this universe too.
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