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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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So your list of "true Trek" must be incredibly short, then. At that point, one might ask, why bother with Trek at all (particularly since the overwhelming majority of Trek, in its various iterations, seems to leave you in anguish rather than amusement)?
TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, plus the TOS movies 1-4, and 6. Add in the assorted novels, short stories, and fanfic based on these. I don't accept Star Trek V as "real" due to the nonsense of Sybok being the offspring of Sarek and a Vulcan "princess." I've already stated my reasons for not accepting Enterprise. I have a love/hate of First Contact - love, because the music is great, and I really like the character of Lily. Hate, because they butchered the character of Zefram Cochrane. I can't stand the rest of the TNG movies (yes, I've seen all of them).

So that actually gives me a lot of Trek to enjoy, and I am free to ignore the rest.

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Heck, much of TOS was "out of step" with other parts of TOS, since they were making it up as they went. Are they 200 years in the future or 700? Are they Vulcanians or Vulcans? Do they answer to UESPA, Space Central, or Star Fleet? Is Benecia pronounced "Be-nee-see-ya" or "Ben-uh-see-ya?" And the earliest movies were "out of step" with TOS as well -- the Klingons looked different, no recognizable technology or uniforms remained, Khan's people were no longer multiethnic, etc.

Fictional series reinvent their details as they go. It's just part of the process of refinement. You can find many contradictions within any single Trek series, so to treat the contradictions between different series as dealbreakers is a double standard.
Your sarcasm is noted. I'm still not in agreement with you on the issues that led to my preference not to read your posts, but to say I have a double standard just because of inconsistencies within TOS itself is nonsense. I don't have to agree with you, and you will never convince me to like the nuTrek crap. Only Abrams et. al could convince me to like it if they would actually make a good movie. So far they haven't (in my opinion, of course).
Seems like a excessive amount of thought / work to put into it.

I don't think anyone is trying to convince to like the new movies.
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